Marketing Strategy for Product Based Businesses

Marketing Strategy for Product Based Businesses

Before developing your marketing strategy and how you want to market your business, you want to look at these 3 key things:

  1. Know your brand – Knowing your brand will help you set parameters around how you want your brand to show up. Examples include, your brand voice, primary brand colors, secondary brand colors, etc.
  2. Know your budget – If you’re preparing to put any money into your marketing, it’s vital that you have an established budget. Having an established budget will help you allocate funds toward important services, like professional photography, social media management, or any other services you may need to help with daily business operations.
  3. Know your ideal client – Your ideal client is not everybody. There are certain people, with certain traits and habits, that are in a certain age group, that are going to be most drawn to what you have to offer. Identifying your ideal client will allow you to narrow in on the specific type of buyer personality you want to target and the type of content strategy you want to implement.

Let’s Talk Strategy

You know the importance of planning ahead. The majority of the time, any photos and videos, or content that is created and curated specifically for your marketing purposes, generally needs to happen 3-4 weeks before you begin executing your strategy. This allows time for the photographer to edit your photos and provide you the opportunity to plan and schedule your content. Having quality photos and videos will be incredibly important to your marketing. Using your smartphone to capture photos and videos can also be beneficial for your marketing efforts. Social media is a great place to use photos and videos that you have captured on your phone. When using your phone to capture visuals, make sure you clean off your phone to prevent blurry, or smudged images. Make sure you have a well-lit space, or add some extra light to capture the best possible images.

Testing Phase

If you’re good about planning ahead, then you’ll want to do a testing phase. The testing phase will help you see what’s working well in your business and where you need to spend more time. With the amount of saturation in the online business market, it’s important to create a strategy that will help your business stand out. That means you want to test your content in a few different places to see what is responsive. Generally, to do a successful testing phase you want to do about 30-60 days worth of time, to be able to effectively measure what’s working and what’s converting to sales. This means, you will need to make sure you have your tracking software and analytics software in place and functioning properly, in order to get an accurate look at your measurable metrics.

Tips for testing:

  • Test 2-3 platforms – select platforms that work best for your business and then generate a variety of content that you can share.
  • Give 30-40 days to test and then check analytics and evaluate your strategy

Full Evaluation Phase

It’s important to look at all areas of your marketing. Social media may be one area to look at, but many successful product based businesses find that social media is a great place to generate awareness, but it’s not optimal for sales. Many product based businesses get more sales from building their email list, or focusing on their SEO.

Double Down Phase

It’s valuable to double down on your marketing efforts that are working well. It’s important to evaluate content performance, identify the type of content that is converting, and establish where your sales are coming from. Once you have established where your sales are coming from, you can double down on your marketing efforts for those specific channels. It’s also important to look at the type of content that is converting. You may find that blogs are performing well, or emails are generating a lot of engagement. Once you have identified the type of content that is working best for your business, you can allocate more time and energy into creating content that converts.

Marketing efforts take time, so be patient with yourself through the process. Keep in mind that to see success in marketing is typically 3-6 months. As you get more consistent with testing and start to understand your audience better, you will begin to see what works well for your business and how you can increase your sales.

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