Social Media Manager VS. Creative Agency – What Do You Need?

Social Media Manager VS. Creative Agency – What Do You Need?

Let’s talk about the differences between a Social Media Manager and a Creative Agency. There are a number of factors that separate the two, but today we will touch on some of the specific characteristics that define a social media manager and a creative agency. To dive deeper, let’s look at each entity as a “persona,” or “avatar.”

Social Media Manager

A social media manager is someone who manages your social media. Generally, that person does everything, from creating the graphics, to the copy, to the hashtag research and more. This person is someone who also assists with helping you expand your reach, increase your audience, and create a consistent presence across social platforms. In some cases, social media managers can be focused on one, specific platform, or they might be focused on multiple, different platforms. Often, this person will help you manage your content and be integral in helping you share your content online.

Creative Agency

A creative agency is similar to a marketing agency, but they take a more creative-first approach. This typically means that they have a photography and videography background, allowing them to take a more creative approach in the type of content they produce, how it’s marketed, and how it’s implemented into the full-scope of your marketing. Creative agencies generally focus heavily on content management, but also the implementation and evaluation of everything. They typically look beyond social media to address all areas of your marketing, including your email campaigns, community communications, SEO, blogs, and audience expansion.

Social media managers and creative agencies do share some common elements. In most cases, social media managers and creative agencies both work around strategy. Creative agencies may focus heavily on creative strategy, while social media managers may focus more on social strategy and determining how to present your content across social platforms. Both also focus on content. Creative agencies will often create content for you, while social media managers will collect content from you, or stock shops.

To recap, a social media manager is someone who is focused in one, specific area of your marketing, while a creative agency looks at all areas of your marketing and ensures everything is creative, engaging, and most importantly, converting.

How can you determine which option will best serve your business?

There are a few ways to determine which will be the right choice for you, right now:

  1. Social media managers focus solely on your social media. Is social media a driving factor for your business’ sales, right now? Do you have an audience there that is used to purchasing, or needs you to continue to show up there, in order to purchase the products that you have to offer? If you do, you may consider a social media manager.
  2. If you are looking at additional platforms, beyond social media, you may consider a creative agency. For example, if you are getting better engagement through email campaigns, or blogs, it may be beneficial to work with a creative agency, who can provide additional support, beyond social media.
  3. Budget will also be a factor to consider. Generally, creative agencies and social media managers will cost somewhere between $500 to a few thousand dollars per month, but there can be some fluctuation based on services, etc.

When making the choice between a social media manager and a creative agency, make sure to take into consideration where you need the most assistance in your business.

Consider the following:

  • Where is your business seeing the most success, currently?
  • Where can someone provide support to save you time in your business?
  • Where could you benefit from assistance with strategy, content creation, and implementation?

If you’re interested in working with a social media manager or creative agency, reach out. Many will offer a free consult call, to discuss how they can specifically support your business needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can get crystal clear on your marketing plan and how our team can support you along the way, schedule a free consultation call today!

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