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Does Your Business Need More Than 1 Marketing Channel?

This week, I want to dive into a common question that arises when we start to think about building a business, or we begin to look for ways to grow our business.

Do you need more than one sales or marketing channel?

The long and the short of it is, yes. You need to be in multiple places, especially when you’re starting out. While you can focus and put all of your efforts into one place as a small business owner, it’s great to take that content and repurpose it in multiple places. Style-conscious and luxury brands use social for awareness, until their brand is well known. So, unfortunately it is a necessary evil, but if you’re smart about it and you take that content and use it in multiple places, you can extend your reach and also figure out which channels will provide the best outcomes for your business. Using multiple channels provides you with opportunities to pivot and access which channels best serve your business and double down on the sales and the growth in areas where you can get the most traction. Believe it or not, not every platform and not every sales channel is going to work best for every single business. The best way to evaluate which avenues will work best for your business, is to test multiple platforms.

It’s important not to rely solely on one platform for growth. If you rely 100% on social media, you limit your growth and your business has a higher likelihood of plateauing and potentially failing. It’s important to create multiple sales and marketing channels so you can expand your reach and create growth through sales. The reality is, you can show up on social with cool content, like fun Reels or engaging posts, but if that content isn’t converting to sales, you won’t see the growth that’s necessary to keep your business running. If you’re not testing multiple platforms and evaluating how certain avenues can work for your business, you may miss out on opportunities for success in your industry or additional growth. The other problem with relying on only one avenue, is that you can become reliant on an algorithm or the specific functionality of a platform.

What I would recommend, to make sure you have more than one sales channel is to start simple. Go back to the basics. I’m a firm believer that there are certain bits of sales tactics and practices that have been in place for years that still work well in today’s environment. Sometimes it’s networking, even if it looks different than traditional networking models. Maybe you choose to attend a conference or a seminar and meet other people in your industry. This might look different from traditional networking, but it still provides an opportunity for you to create brand awareness and maybe even collaborate with others. I recommend sitting down and looking at your specific industry. You can then double down on what things (traditional, not social media related) are available to you. From there, you can determine other avenues, like your email list, that could provide sales for you. Once you’ve determined these additional channels, you can allocate more time toward building/working on those channels.

What if nothing’s working yet? What if you’re still trying to figure that out? That’s where it comes back to what’s going on in your industry. You may find events, conferences, seminars, workshops, or special events that you can attend to create networking opportunities and raise brand awareness. It’s important to look for opportunities where you can get out into your community and create brand visibility.

The truth is, you need more than one sales and marketing channel. Please don’t pigeonhole yourself to one, and please don’t rely solely on social media. Look for other ways you can expand your reach and grow your business.

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