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The product business owners I work with are generally looking for crisp catalog photos on a perfect white background; cohesive, Instagram-worthy styled images; behind-the-scenes pictures; or help with recurring visual content demands. And in fact, they often need more than one type of these images. So after many years of perfecting my process, I’ve found the solution to better serve each business owner I work with.


No matter the type of product photography you choose, I believe that your photoshoot should fit your business like a glove. That’s why you won’t find set packages or pricing here. I’ll tell you what I offer, you’ll tell me what you need, and then together we’ll construct a custom shoot to meet your particular business’s requirements within your budget. And no matter what kind of photos you purchase, you’ll receive high quality, multi-use images designed around the key factors important to your brand. Business hand, meet the perfect photography glove.

“You now have to decide what ‘image’ you want for your brand. Image means personality. Products, like people, have personalities, and they can make or break them in the marketplace.”

– David Ogilvy

Catalog Photography

A pristine white background can be difficult to achieve, but nothing shows off your product’s packaging and core details like it. Allow me to create bright, clean images that will make a brilliant impression with customers in your online sales venue or in print.

Styled Photography

There is an art to styling a product so it pops in a beautifully-curated environment that fits your brand and audience. Let me take photos of your product with that eye-pleasing WOW factor you’re looking for. Then watch your image impressions and likes rise.

Business Lifestyle

Help your customers envision themselves using your product with business lifestyle imagery. We’ll choose the right models, locations, and situations to set up a direct relationship between the product and your ideal customer that will lead to direct sales.

Behind the scenes

Let your customers get to know your product and you in a more intimate way behind the scenes. Give them a glimpse of your creation process, your location, your inspiration, or you as the creator for more insight into your unique brand story.

Ongoing Support

I have a select group of clients who I support with monthly photos. You get to sit back and let me do the work of continually searching, shopping, designing, and creating new imagery for your brand. Your business will shine with consistently fresh visual content.

How Does It Work


1. Discovery Call

 This free, 30-minute consultation introduces us to each other, your brand to me, and my skills to you.


2. Package and Timeline

 Based on your discovery call info, we craft a package of photos to meet your specific needs and set up a completion timeline.


3. Photo Inspiration Consult

After you fill out business and brand questionnaires, we get into the details of what you’d love to appear in your images.


4. Complete Shot List

I create and you approve an itemized list of the shots to be taken and the setups and props to be used.


5. Styling + Creative Direction

I work the magic of bringing your shot list to visual life!


6. Branded Photo Delivery

Ta da! I deliver your prepared images, and you and your product go on to conquer your corner of the market.

Let’s get to work creating images as powerful as your brand! 


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