About Me

After a decade working in the recruiting and HR landscape, I thought I had the road paved and pointed toward a career in management. I have repeatedly learned how much truth is in the old adage, “Man plans, God laughs.” After all, I certainly never imagined I’d be where I am today: a commercial branding photographer with six years experience serving product-based businesses across America.

Every brand has its own beautiful story to tell and my passion as a photographer lies in telling that story visually to boost sales, attract your ideal audience, and show off all your hard work in a unique and stylish way. I’ve had the opportunity to work with such amazing businesses as Babe Basics, OhLaLari, Mambino Organics, The Ivory Mix Stock Shop, Butter Depot, Split Decision Cold Brew, The Butter Bar, Maken Skrubs, Beaute Butter, Aure, Petsunami and more! And while I may be the one arranging props and setting up the lighting for a stunning product photo, being able to tell these brand stories through images is what lights me up. Another unexpected turn in the road has been discovering how much I enjoy educating and mentoring other photographers, designers, and creative business owners.


Corporate Crystal definitely wouldn’t have anticipated that either! Over the last year, I’ve released resources, like my Flatlay Method Ecourse and LR Presets Mini-Course, and am the CEO and co-founder of The Creative Boss Society, in addition to blogging and providing free resources about product photography, content marketing and business ownership.

All in all friend, I bring to the table the kick-ass attitude that helps business owners get stuff done. I spent many years being an accountability partner, sounding board and momentum buddy for many of my friends in business. I am stepping up and embracing these skills that not only made me successful in corporate America, but transitioned over to my business and business relationships today. Finding the right tool, business partners and besties is SO important that if you have questions, you can reach out to chat with me directly!

I look forward to telling the story of your brand and empowering you to reach your level of business success!

– Crystal
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