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How to Make Your Photos More Evergreen

by | Jan 10, 2019 | How-To | 0 comments

There is nothing more frustrating than constantly recreating content. ESPECIALLY when you’re the business owner. On this Vlog I talk about how you can make your images more evergreen!

Having a core set of images that are timeless, capture your brand and help you continue to sell are important to your business. 

It all starts with your props. When you’re looking to create a set of images you can use no matter what time of the year it is you want to focus in on just what exactly are you using in your photos. Are they things that you can find everywhere at any time? If not, chances are those props are dating your photos.  

So stop for a moment and create a list. Now before you doubt the process, try it! When you start this list think of the things you use all the time or can find around your home all year. One of the number one things I go to is any type of greenery! Eucalyptus leaves, cactus or any other green plant can be found almost all year long. How about books and magazines? Using the covers can date your image but flipping them open to certain pages or photos that help your storyline can work out great! Of course magazines and books are awesome layering pieces so details are less likely to stick out.

Don’t forget other things that may appear minor like coffee mugs, coffee beans, fun paperclips and other accessories that compliment your product and brand. Start collecting today and stay tuned for more blogs and tutorials to help you improve your stock and product photography.

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