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How to Know When You’re Ready for a Brand Photographer

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Business Ownership | 0 comments

Starting a business is stressful, girl! I totally get it. So how and when do know you’re ready to hire a brand photographer? Great question, right?!

This post is important to all business owners so it was a short but special one for me to do. There are SO many tools and outsourcing options, enhancements, marketing tricks and areas you can invest in to enhance your business. Navigating the waters of business ownership is tough. So of course when you’re looking to invest in your next steps, who would turn away a bit of guidance? Am I right?!


Having a Brand Photographer can be a key and beneficial part to brand recognition, effective marketing and selling in the visual world that is our social media platforms. So how can you identify when you’re ready to have a Brand Photographer help you?

You know you’re ready for a brand photographer to support your business when you reach a few different points in your business. Here are a few common points that my clients have personally experienced and you may, too.:

  1. You have identified and defined what your brand is, so now it is time to bring it to life.
  2. You have a set of products or services and need a virtual or physical catalog to show them off.
  3. You are starting to become overwhelmed in making, packing and shipping that your marketing is falling to they wayside.
  4. You are leveling up your business, branding and marketing so it is time to step up your photo game!

When you find yourself reaching one of these phases in your business it is time to hire a photographer to help you. Hiring a professional brand photographer is just like enlisting your marketing agency to manage and help with Ads and content or hiring an assistant to help you ┬ákeep up with the workload. Still have questions? Let’s chat! I am always happy to do a FREE 30 minute consult to help you with your photography needs.

Through working together we will be able to help you take your product photography to the next level whether we are starting out with catalog images to enhance your online store, styled flat lay images to increase instagram visibility, staged lifestyle environments or getting in action shots with real life models! I’ve got many options to help serve you and be the photographer your business needs.

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