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How to Create a Visual Story that Sells!

by | Jan 3, 2019 | How-To | 0 comments

Creating a visual story can mean many things to a lot of people but it is simple. It is one of the main causes for why your images fall short and don’t attract the right audience. 

So what does that mean for you? Well that means that you will need to do more work on the back end to make sure the image is both compelling, relatable and provoking to increase your sales and attract your ideal client. So let’s get started!

Photographing your images on your own can take a lot of time but doing it right the first time is rewarding. Focusing in on these key areas, doing your research and selecting the right props will help make sure your images help, instead of hurt, your sales.

First you need to make sure you know your audience! Now this might seem like a hard thing to focus in on but it really isn’t. You can start with thinking about WHO would buy your product. Now if you’re an Etsy shop seller or Amazon product seller you might have a better idea by looking to past purchasers. You can also start with broad characteristics like is your ideal client most likely to be male or female, younger or older, a Mom or Father, etc? See what I mean! You can get more specific on where this person might shop, like Target, Home Depot or Hobby Lobby!

Knowing these key aspects of the person you’re selling to will help you make sure you’re able to select props and backdrops that are on trend and visually appealing.

Now don’t get yourself caught up in all the stuff! You want to make sure you continue stay on brand. So if your branding is primarily white you can add in a few variations to appeal to the farmhouse trend like white washed wood, white subway tiling, etc. Same goes for other colors or elements in your brand. For instance if you have squares a key element in your branding you can focus on square shaped props (like picture frames, coasters, soaps, etc) that are still on brand but fit the current style. 

Lastly, don’t forget to help your ideal client envision themselves using or applying your product. Think about the last thing you bought. Seeing and relating to the how, when and where the product can be used makes it easier to click the buy button. Knowing this can also help you get creative with setups, backgrounds and additional props to compliment your product. When you bought those Nike shoes for your new gym membership, you probably saw a Crossfit athlete using them. So think, how, when and where might your client use your product? Then capture it!

Don’t forget to comment if you need more help, share with a friend who could benefit and make sure you follow my Youtube channel for the latest videos and tutorials for your product photography needs! See you in the next post!

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