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How to Blend Non-Professional and Professional Photos into Your Content

Aug 24, 2020 | Content Creation

Everyone wants that cohesive style to their Instagram feed. So how do you get that when you don’t have a ton of pro photos? Here’s how!


here’s a lot of power in maintaining consistency with your content as a business owner. It plays a major role in building your brand identity and brand recognition.


When you’re consistent in your work, images, and brand your audience becomes more familiar with who you are and what your message is as a company.

With that in mind, mixing your non-professional photos with your professional photos can take some additional brainstorming to keep your photos consistent across the board. So, I’m going to break down two of the best practices to help you blend both types seamlessly. 


Look for Great Lighting Opportunity


When in doubt, natural light is the best light and will always give your photos that extra boost of professionalism it needs – no matter what camera you’re using. But consider the time of day. Natural light changes throughout the day so to avoid any major contrasts, shoot your photos at the same time, same place, every time. 


Lighting affects an image’s tone, mood, and atmosphere. It will take some time to nail down the perfect image but pay attention to the lighting. Your goal is to blend your professional and non-professional photos within your content. The fewer changes your audience will notice between photos, the better. This will also keep your photos looking professional and keep the customer’s focus on the product you’re selling instead of the quality of the photos you’re posting. 


If you’re worried that you will struggle to blend your photos seamlessly, check out my blog post where I teach you how to take great photos on the fly


Use a Preset (or Filter) 


It can be hard to match your photos with your photographer’s style. This is why I recommend that you use a preset or filter closest to it. You can even ask your photographer if they have presets they use or have created for their business. 


Filters and presets are an easy way to have a cohesive look amongst all of your photos. It doesn’t work as well when you’re using several at once, so stick to a couple that has a similar tone and can be used for the different styles of photos that you post for your different platforms.


For example, I have the CCP Presents mini-course that comes with the Lightroom Presets for your desktop and cell phone – just for these kinds of situations. You can use them to reset your files to keep your content consistent with lighting and coloring.




The key to making your photos blend cohesively with one another is lighting. If you can get your photos to have similar lighting and coloring, you’re on the right path. Maintaining the same look across the board will take some practice, which is why I recommend using filters or presets to get you going. You start blending your professional and non-professional photos into your content in no time. If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please feel free to contact me! I’d love to connect with you and address any problems you may have along the way. You can also find me on Instagram!


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