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How Can Stock Video Help Your Small Business?

How Can Stock Video Help Your Small Business

This week, I want to talk to you about Styled Stock Video. Did you know, I have a stock video shop? I started creating stock video for myself out of necessity. I just didn’t have the time to play with TikTok, or focus heavily on making Reels. I began filming video clips when I had certain models, who were already in the studio working for me, and I started making video clips of various motions and things they were doing. This allowed me to create a small stock shop. I created my Styled Stock Video because I wanted a place where I could share the videos I was making for myself, so that other people who felt overwhelmed by video had another option.

1. Using Stock Video Helps You Fight Burnout

When you think about how many videos you want to post throughout the week, it can begin to feel overwhelming. If you’re a service-based business, trading time for money, or a product-based business, working to fulfill orders, it can be difficult to think about the time and energy required to create, capture, and share well-curated video content on social media, in order for your account to stay relevant. Using stock video will allow you to share your message, stay relevant, and avoid burnout.

2. Styled Stock Video Gives You an Alternative Solution

I collaborated recently with iRemix and HotStock Shops because they are also providing stock video options to their subscribers. By doing this, they are helping to identify what works best for businesses/brands. Stock video also provides an alternative option for business owners who are facing burnout, or looking to better streamline their processes.

3. Stock Video Makes It Easy To Use Video

Stock video allows you to easily plug videos into Reels, TikTok, etc., just like you would with stock photos. Stock videos also provide a fun way to create movement and share content that is appealing to viewers. As your audience is scrolling through Reels, they are looking for content that catches their eye. They want to engage with content that is interesting, or intriguing. Applying stock video allows you to promote products/services, introduce giveaways or discounts, and engage with your audience in a fun and effective way. This means you can more effectively expand your reach, engage with your current customer-base, and grow your business.

If you’re interested in my Styled Stock Video, I have created a FREE tutorial that shows you how I take graphics, photos, and stock videos in order to put together a collection of curated content. With my tutorial, I also give you 3 Styled Stock Videos for FREE. This season, I truly want to provide you with an alternative option for your business, so you can feel less overwhelmed and feel more confident about showing up online with video content that allows you to connect with your audience.




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