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Using the Science of Color to Attract Your Audience in Photography

Sep 3, 2020 | How-To

Social media is one of the best marketing resources you can use as a business owner.


here is actual science to colors and what attracts your audience. So it is time to stop being a skeptic and start getting on the branding bandwagon as we dive into how you can use the science of color to attract your audience in photography. It goes as deep as using colors and contrast to focus your audience’s attention to one place. 


You can use brighter colors to attract and energize or use muted and neutral tones to show calmness and cleanliness. The message you want to share with your audience will depend on the colors you choose that also represent your brand. Here are a few tips on using the science of color to attract your audience in photography.


Know Your Brand Values


Before you decide which colors best fit your company’s brand message, you need to know your company values. What is it about your product or your company that makes you stand out from the next business owner creating similar products? Who is the audience you want to attract? Understand your customer’s journey before anything else. When you know your ideal audience, likes, and dislikes, it’s much easier to market your products.


Classify Your Colors


Once you are clear with your brand values and who your ideal client avatar is, you can choose which colors best fit your message. Classifying your colors helps your audience understand your brand and can dictate their behavior and decision-making. 


Choosing the right colors can also evoke emotion with your ideal customers. What is it that you want them to feel or experience when they see your products for the first time? Both colors and product photography are among the first impressions people will get from your business, so being mindful of both is extremely important. Your choice of colors can influence customers to buy your product if done correctly.


Color Psychology


If you’re not familiar with the science of color or what each color might mean, let’s break it down. According to Small Biz Trends, each color has its meaning. For example, red associates with excitement, green is health and nature, purple is wisdom, blue is tranquil, orange and yellow are cheerful, and so on.


Each color can affect a person’s mood in many ways, so it’s important to consider these associations before choosing which colors you want to incorporate into your business. 


Incorporating Colors into Your Business


Decide which colors represent your brand and resonate most with your ICA. You’ll then want to incorporate these colors into your business, on your website, in your packaging, in your advertisements, etc. The key is to stay consistent across all platforms to create brand recognition. Use the colors often to grab your customer’s attention and improve your brand’s visibility.




This is why I find beauty products, skincare, and clothing companies to gravitate toward my style. I value things like clarity, organization, and creativity and have created my brand to focus on concepts like structure and innovation. 


There are no right colors to choose from. Consider your brand message and which colors best serve that. If you need help understanding how to incorporate colors into your business, I’d be happy to connect with you! I also share some of my best tips and tricks on Instagram!


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