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Why No One Is Seeing Your Content & How to Fix it!

Nov 17, 2020 | Content Creation, Podcast

Welcome to the Crystal Clear Podcast where we strive to empower the everyday creative boss to elevate and grow a business that matches your creativity and passion for creating products.

Things mentioned in this podcast episode:

First, the reason why no one is seeing your content is that you are truly not sharing it enough! It’s tough to step back and realize just how many times we need to talk about a particular product, offer or service to get the audience to start to see us as that subject matter expert but it’s often the reasons why no one is seeing your content!

So how could you fix that? Try taking a former blog and pulling out just 1 tip to highlight and refer back to that blog post as the call to action. This gives value, a quick piece of content to post and ties back to what you do to solve their problem. In this episode you will hear me run over several examples of repurposes and tying back your content to what you offer.

Need more support around your content? I’ve got your back with a few easy options!


Second, your audience isn’t big enough. That may feel like a duh, thing to say but it’s often very true. Its why one of the key things to do in your business is start first by growing your audience.

To start growing and getting more people in, you can utilize traffic sites like Pinterest to push out both Instagram and Blog related content that leads an audience straight to your freebies! Get them on the list and you in their inbox is key to quick grow and good conversions. Show up and be a resource to others genuinely offer help and your freebies as an option when you see other postings about related struggles that your product or service can solve. You can set a timer and pop in to various facebook groups and be engaged in questions that are going on involving your ideal client.

Lastly, your images and graphics aren’t appealing! Ouch, I know! But its very very true. This is why there are stock shops and templates out there to help you grow your business visually. I would do you any justice as a Photographer and Creative Director if I didn’t stop and say hey, you need to take a look at what you’re putting out there.

You should take a moment to gather together a set of 10-15 graphics that are already customized and set up to fit your brand. Then, rinse and repeat!

Let me know how I can support you and grow your business and get your content up to par so that you can get your stuff out there and people can start buying the products and things that you have to offer because we both know they are amazing.

Ready to outsource and take this off your plate? Start the year off strong for any product launches with a custom photoshoot by booking a call with me to see how I can help you develop eye catching content or maybe you’ve used the heck out of all of those photos it might be time for a refresher.

You can catch past episodes, tips and resources here on the website or any podcast platform including Itunes and Spotify. I strive to bring you the best content, marketing and business owner tips to keep you clear and on the path toward success.

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