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How To Show Up As An Expert

Nov 20, 2020 | Business Ownership, Podcast

Welcome to the Crystal Clear Podcast where we strive to empower the everyday creative boss to elevate and grow a business that matches your creativity and passion for creating products.


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Today on the podcast I am sharing my top 5 tips on how to show up as the expert in your field now. 

First, you need to define your zone of genius. So you are a photographer, content creator, product boss or web designer. Great! That is good to know but you need to take it a step further and know the ONE thing that you do really well that will help you create that position of expert to other people. As a photographer that could position yourself self as a photographer who specializes in product photography with an emphasis on flat lay product photography. This is getting really specific and giving you an area to market your expertise. 


Next, you need to make your communication clear. When you are talking about what you do you should always be very clear about what you specialize in. When positioning your content, by the language you use, your “elevator pitch”, your bios on social media, everything! It should CLEARLY state what you are an expert at. 

Give more than you take. ALWAYS. Giving mediocre and generic tips aren’t cutting it anymore. People want VALUE. When you give tips they should be worth something. They should be specific to your expertise. 

Along with giving more than you take you also need to show up and be helpful! This is hard. It sometimes takes a little bit to see the fruits of your labor in this area but don’t give up. You have to develop trust and you do that by showing up and being helpful consistently. This is the only way they will truly see what you have to offer. Make sure you are always offering a quick and easy solution. 

Lastly, show up confidently and be REAL. You can do this by talking about the thing you know and know WELL. Wrap it into realistic stories about yourself. Be real. People crave real. Show up imperfectly. Showing some flaws will pull people into you because it makes you relatable. It allows them to see that they can one day be at the point you are or they can afford you because you were once just like they were. That relation is gold. 

When you take these five tips and put them into action your customers will start to see you as the expert in your field and will come to you for all their needs.

One of my favorite ways to show up confidently and real is Instagram stories. It’s my jam. If you are looking for some tips around stories pop on over in my inbox and I am happy to share! I also want to invite you to The Creative Boss Society where we meet twice a month making sure you get the strategy you need and the accountability to execute on it. I offer support around exactly what you need to grow every month.

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