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Making the Most of Your Photoshoots

Jan 18, 2021 | Business Ownership, Podcast

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We need more content and we need it NOW!! Did anyone else chant while reading that? Because I can just hear the chanting and applause as businesses are amping up for the year. One way to create more content is through photoshoots. In this episode, I am going to highlight how to make the most out of your photoshoots. Now you may be asking… How do I make the most out of my photoshoot, Crystal? Efficiency, that’s how. Anyone that works with me, clients, models, and associates, will all tell you that I am all about being as efficient as possible during a photoshoot. I am going to share with you my tips & tricks on how I achieve efficiency during my shoots.

Two ways to make the most of your photoshoots this year:


  • Plan out your shoot efficiently. Start with getting down to the exact details of the shoot. This allows you to see everything you need for the shoot – props, backdrops, etc. prepared ahead of time so that during the shoot you get all of the shots you desire in an efficient amount of time. 

  • A done in a day approach. I borrowed this idea from my friends in the design space where they offer day long intensives or hire me for a day for a project. This is a fun way to have one whole day focused on your product and your business to get as many assets as possible during that timeframe – photos, models, videos, etc. It is important to set the expectations for the day. 

    When you are planning your shoots efficiently this allows for you to get all of the content you need to be able to market your business and product. It also allows for you to have the time to add extra elements during the shoot that will uplevel your images because you already have a plan and aren’t scrambling to try and remember everything you need to accomplish. 

    If you are a photographer, I hope these tips will help you to plan your shoots more efficiently in the future. If you are a business owner, I hope these tips will help you know how you can get the most bang for your buck when using a photographer to get content for your business.

    If you know your efforts are better spent in other areas of your business and planning out your photoshoots isn’t something you are wanting to do. I recommend reaching out and getting more information about a photography retainer. With my clients, I offer monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly retainers where I help to plan out all of your shoots to ensure that you get the images you desire for your product.

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