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Why You Need to Refresh Your Images Regularly

Aug 17, 2020 | Content Creation/Marketing

The online world is constantly changing – adjusting to new trends, new technology, and new content regularly is a must in your business.


s a business owner, you must be focused on staying relevant to your audience. 

Adding and Refreshing

Repurposing old image concepts or replacing old images with brand new ones keeps things fresh and current, right?


Doing this also keeps potential customers on their toes, looking out for your latest products and trends. If your images stay the same, your customers may struggle to know if you’re still in business, creating the products they love.


So how do you know when its time to refresh your images? You know it’s time for a refresh if you notice your website or storefront is out of date, sales have slowed down or maybe you’re running out of images for new Ads. So, here are a few reasons why you should change up your images regularly so you can move forward confidently!


Trends and Styles Are Ever-Evolving


Most of us know that trends and styles are always evolving and as a business owner you need to stay up to date for your audience. Many consumers want the latest and greatest of products and they look to you to bring it to them. Keeping your images fresh and up to date can affect what your customers buy from you. It also helps them to determine if your product is something they can benefit from at that time.


As you stay up-to-date on the latest trends, you keep your customers engaged and you develop long term loyalty. They can trust that you will inform them of your new products every time you launch. This also drives traffic back to your website each time you update your images. It’s your loyal customers that will keep coming back to see what products you’re launching next.


Large Amounts of Marketing and Testing What Works


If you’re in the middle of launching a new product, the best thing to do is market as much as you can to see what works. As an online business owner, your customer’s first interaction with you, your brand, and your product are your photos. Utilize as many different images as you can but continue to tell your brand’s visual story. Show your audience every angle of the product you’re selling and be as transparent as possible. When you are clear with your message, visuals, and brand, your customers have a better idea of what to expect before they submit an order – especially since they cannot physically see your product for themselves. When you’re constantly updating your images and putting out fresh content, you continue to place yourself as an authority. This is also a popular marketing tactic if Facebook and Instagram Ads are a focus for quicker growth. You will find that you will test out certain images and copy to see what your audience responds best to for quick growth.


You Have a Seasonal Product


Every year when the holidays come around, any store you walk into has already been decorated to fit the occasion. The same should go for your business. If you’re running a campaign with a specific theme or you are selling seasonal products, then you need the photos to fit those items.


Display your visual theme using props and relatable elements to add to the story. Your audience needs to relate to you or your brand before they ever decide to purchase from you. Something as simple as switching out your images to fit the campaign theme or seasonal product can make a huge difference in whether or not a customer will buy your product.


It’s Time for a New Look


The day you decide to change up your brand or give it a complete makeover, you will need fresh photos to fit your new style. It’s easy to get into a brand change. We have all been there. So, when you start changing your brand colors, style, and even your products – it’s time for an update. Maintaining consistency across the board is an essential way to build brand recognition. If you’re giving your business the complete makeover, then you need to make sure you do the same across your entire brand. Consistency is key.




Constantly keeping up with your photos can take a lot of work if you’re not prepared. This is why you should always plan to have enough content to cover you for a few months. Life happens and you never know when you’ll need the extra time to do something else in your business. I get it! You’re busy as it is trying to juggle ALL the things. This is why I’d love to help with your next photography project. From catalog, business lifestyle, to styled photography – I can provide you with fresh new imagery for your brand consistently. Feel free to contact me to schedule a consultation call. We can also connect on Instagram!

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