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Top Video Tips for Each Social Media Platform

This week, let’s talk about the different platforms that are hosting video as their major form of content and what type of content is going to be best to use on each of these platforms.


We all know that Instagram has shifted very heavily into video, but they are also making themselves “shop-friendly.” How do you find the right balance for what type of content is going to work best on instagram? Believe me when I tell you that I’ve tested it in many different ways, different formats, different times, etc. I’ve found that short content is best for Reels. That usually means that you want to have a video that is somewhere between 8 – 15 seconds long. Beyond that, you’ll begin to lose people, due to attention span and the need to continue to move-on, swipe up, and see what’s next. Short form video content will allow you to hold your audience’s attention and allow you to use a larger variety of audio clips (many audio clips were created before Reels were changed to allow up to 1 minute of video content). If you’re hoping to borrow and use some of the trending audio clips that are available, you’ll want to keep your video content shorter.

Instagram is also a great place to share information about your business, tips & tricks, and behind the scenes content. These types of video, along with hyperlapse videos of you performing business tasks, boxing, unboxing, mixing, making, cutting, etc., all tend to perform well on Instagram. By keeping these video clips short, you can capture your audience’s attention, engage with them, highlight specific elements of your business, and draw their attention back to your posts and account.


Pinterest has introduced video pins, idea pins, and a Reels-like format where you can watch all of those idea pins, row-after-row. The type of content that tends to perform well on Pinterest at the moment is informational content in the form of graphics. For example, posting 5 helpful tips and including 5 individual graphics, each highlighting a specific tip. Pinterest has set up idea pins to work similarly to stories, where you click through each graphic to engage with specific content. Pinterest is a great place for interactive information, tips, and how-to’s, and users are looking for this information in a visually appealing format. While video is working well on Pinterest, it’s beneficial to focus your video content on informational graphics, tips, tricks, and how-to’s when using Pinterest. What’s key in making sure that Pinterest starts to convert for you is utilizing the fact that it lets you tag your products and it allows you to add other stickers that let you link back to other products and affiliates.


TikTok is still primarily an entertainment platform, but this just means that you can use it for your business, you will just need to use it differently than the way you use other platforms. With TikTok, everything needs to be short and focused around the quick how-to’s, the quick ootd’s of the day, what you’re wearing, where you got your outfit from, etc. As TikTok continues to evolve, they are adding features that are going to allow you to promote your products, tag your products, and other product-friendly features. If you’re a product-based business, planning to start implementing TikTok, jump in, but make sure you jump all the way in by creating content that has value and is going to grow on TikTok. If TikTok is something you want to pursue, it can be helpful to create a separate strategy, specifically for your TikTok content.


Last, but not least, let’s talk about Facebook. Okay, you may be wondering, what about Facebook? Or, Facebook is changing to The Metaverse, so what does that mean for my strategy? We don’t entirely know what these Facebook changes might look like. We are getting bits and pieces of information, but we don’t yet have the full picture. As it stands right now, stories are still popping up on Facebook, but when it comes to video content on Facebook, long-form content tends to perform best. So, if you’re doing how-to’s, Lives, behind the scenes, etc. Currently, Facebook is the least video-friendly platform, but if you choose to repurpose YouTube videos, or work with long-form video content, it can be a good platform to consider.

If you have any questions about content, or would like any further information about video content, let me know! I’m always happy to share additional tips and information to help you make your business successful.

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