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To Niche or Not To Niche, That’s the question!

Dec 3, 2020 | Business Ownership, Podcast

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To niche or not to niche is the question up for debate. So I decided it was time we talked about it. Niching isn’t always what you think. It’s so taboo and it can sometimes feel like it’s impossible to niche your business or even figure out how to niche in the first place. Everyone is afraid of alienating people or potentially turning business away and no one wants that. So let’s talk about the different ways that you can niche so that you AREN’T alienating people or turning away potential business but instead GROWING your business. 


Niche by talking to a particular audience. Who do you notice the majority of your audience is? Are you talking to creative bosses? Product-based businesses? Maybe fitness gurus, mom, the knitting community, dog lovers, etc? I think you get my point! Start by knowing who you are talking to and what space they are in. 

Niche by services offered. Maybe you have a broad audience so it’s hard to find a specific audience you are talking to. A different way to niche is by the services you are offering. Photography for example. You can niche in product photography, portrait photography, family photography, brand photography, wedding photography, etc. I could keep going but I think you get the point. Maybe you are a graphic designer who only does social media posts or you offer illustrations for hire. Or maybe a digital product shop. All of these examples are niched by the service that they offer not the audience they are speaking to. 

Niche by industry. This is a similar, but still different, way to niche your audience. When you niche by industry look at who you are serving. Maybe your focus is helping product bosses with their physical products or helping moms of teens. Developing products for teachers or even more specifically offering digital support tools for SLP teachers. 

When you niche down you are essentially just looking to find the person or service you enjoy the most and then speaking to them specifically in order to help grow your business. 

Let’s look at the pros and cons of niching down in business. 


-> Getting really specific on the person you are working with

-> Become and be seen as an expert in your area quicker and more easily

-> Dial in on what problems you can solve

-> Dial in on your offerings and area of expertise


-> You can limit your ability to grow out of or beyond what you are doing

-> You can be so dialed in or niched that you can’t really make a living from it

-> You have to look at your growth as a long game verse a short game because it can sometimes take a bit more time to find your people and have your audience grow

This is just one of the many things I can help you work through inside The Creative Boss Society. Inside of The Creative Boss Society Membership, I help you figure out who your audience is, how to market to them, and how to ultimately convert them to paying customers. Head on over and check it out. Can’t wait to see you on the inside. 

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