The Create Your Content Kit

A roadmap to creating your content

ahead of time and STAYING ahead! 

Are you a blogger, small business owner or creative looking to grow your venture via social media but finding yourself:

  • Struggling to capture pictures that relate to your content?

  • Struggling to take high quality pictures?

  • Unsure of how to write captions that engage and captivate?

  • Confused about how often to post and what to post about?

  • Always behind on content and taking hours to finally hit ‘publish’ on a post?


Then this course is for you!

The Kit is a perfect  tool for the business owner who is looking to learn how to:


Develop Ideas and Content from Scratch!

Expand the Content Across Multiple Platforms

Gather Photoshoot Concepts 

How to Coordinate Their Brand Colors

How to Develop a Shot List to Get The Photos They Need

Write Captions that Sell!

Plan their Content on Their Own Terms

The kit isn’t just any course; it’s a routine, habit, or process that you can lay out for your business and repeat over and over again. So whether you schedule content by the week, month or quarter, you can get your content under control and target to reach your ideal audience!

The Create Your Content Kit was made just for you, to guide you through the most important aspects of successful social media pages: Photos and A Solid Social Media Strategy.

We get it! You have a business to run, and posting on social media consistently can be WAY too time consuming. That’s why we want to teach you a system that you can rinse and repeat in a way that works for your schedule and keeps you consistently ahead of the game! You can learn:

  • How to style your photos from start to finish
  • How to create a prop list and style guide for your specific branding
  • How to create a  shot  list
  • Formulas for writing captivating captions that sell
  • Prompts to teach you what type of content to center your posts around

This course includes 5 workbooks and bonus video content that you can digest at your own pace – all for under $100 for a limited time! 

Meet the Makers

Crystal is the content director and commercial photographer for Crystal Clear Creative Studios. She loves finding new ways to support business owners and inspire them by giving them direction in their own photography. 

Natalie is the owner and lead content creator at Beau & Arrow Media. Natalie is an instagram strategist, social media manager, and coach passionate about helping small business owners create authentic relationships and community around their brand.

Who The Create Your Content Kit is For:

The Small Business Owner Looking to Streamline and Master their Social Media Strategy 

The Blogger Looking to Work Smarter NOT Harder with the Content they Already Create

The Creative Looking to DIY Their Socials with a Solid, Reliable Strategy


What Level of Social Media Experience Should I Have to Take this Course:?

Intermediate. This is not a beginner’s guide to social media. This is a course for the intermediate user who is ready to create a streamlined strategy for success.

What is the investment for the course?

The course investment is $99 for lifetime access. That means that you can constantly recycle the process of creating your content every single month, quarter and year! Because we are Small Business Owners, too, we offer payments. Click here to enroll now!

Do I need a High-End Camera for this Course?

No! A high-end camera would certainly be nice. But you can use something as simple as your phone to benefit from this course!

Why Do I Need a Content Strategy?

Success comes when invited. In other words, your success comes down to the systems you create and the strategy behind those systems.

In this course, we are going to give you BOTH a system and a strategy, taking a holistic approach, so you can create your photos and copy in a successful, consistent way. !


So grab your kit, and let’s start creating your content! ?

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