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Create Your Ideal Instagram Feed


Create Your Ideal Instagram Feed

One of the fastest growing social platforms for the creative business owner is Instagram! So here are my tips on how to create your ideal instagram feed. Images are just as important as the content you want them to read. 

So wouldn’t it make sense to have an image drive plan to help deliver your content and marketing? I mean, think about it. The images you show off will either attract or deter potential customers. So what does your feed say about you? Let’s start with a few proven suggestions on how you can improve and grow your instagram feed today.


The first and most important part to planning your ideal feed is to create posting or visual categories. These are the things you want to focus on posting consistently that will start to create your visual pattern. You can use them as a continual guide to focus your content and choose images that fit the pattern. It will also help your followers start to recognize your images and posts at a glance.

The ideal number of categories would follow the grid pattern. So focusing on 3, 6, 9 or 12 categories is most ideal with the prime focus being around 6 or 9 to create consistency through lighting, coloring and the types of images without too much variety.

Have you seen my Instagram feed? You will see I run different patterns all the time but maintain consistency in the flow of lighting, coloring choices and topics. Some of my visual categories are things like photos of myself, product or stock, branding projects, kids, family and so forth.

Next step, would be to have a good source of images. Through my Instagram Package we create a setup of unique, styled and fun images to help you show off your product. Everyone oohs and ahhs over a cohesive, pretty and styled Instagram feed, am I right?!! So with this package I help you focus on what you want to post and making sure you have images that will marry together perfectly. If you’re not in a position to hire a photographer you can look to resources that provide a good variety of stock images that you can pull from.

Lastly, make sure you have a tool! Planoly is my tool. It is super cost affective and has a great free planning option, too. So no matter the size of your budget you can use Planoly to get your instagram under control. There are so many scheduling platforms but since I am a visual kind of gal I like Planoly’s grid view. This helps me visually align what I am posting, focus on those categories, plan the posts and automate them so content is constantly provided.

With these steps I am confident you will start to better align your feed visually and attract your idea client with the consistency and style you you desire!

So now that you’ve seen one way that the process can go you can move forward feeling more confident about working in what your posting. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let’s chat about the many photography options I have made, just for you! 

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