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4 Business Mistakes To Avoid for Quicker Growth

4 Business Mistakes To Avoid for Quicker Growth

4 Business Mistakes To Avoid for Quicker Growth

4 Business Mistakes To Avoid for Quicker Growth

Welcome to the Crystal Clear Podcast where we strive to empower the everyday creative boss to elevate and grow a business that matches your creativity and passion for creating products.


Things mentioned in this podcast episode:


We all make mistakes, and (hopefully) learn from them. Sometimes these mistakes can be avoided if we take the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others! This is the reason it was so important to mastermind inside the Creative Boss Society. It gives you a moment to be vulnerable about potential mistakes, get feedback and insight on how we all run our business AND hear from other experts so we can recover quickly!


Here are four common mistakes to avoid in your business: 

  1. You’re doing “all the things,” but none of them well. As the old adage goes,”A Jack of All Trades is a Master of None.” Instead of spreading yourself thin, find your focal point.
  2. You’re not marketing enough times to get your audience to buy in and pay attention. Unfortunately, in this day and age, people tend to have shorter attention spans – but by making your product, and business, more visible in your marketing, you increase the opportunity to obtain their attention.
  3. Chasing the “next best thing” – in other words, trying to provide an additional service or build a membership instead of honing in and perfecting your current service and offer(s). Instead, take in customer and professional feedback, elaborate on your current offer(s) and find a way to make a better package. Don’t split time trying to create something else; focus first on your initial product.
  4. Becoming paralyzed and lost in your sense of direction. Lack of goals or clarity around your offer(s) and product can cause this.Take the time to brainstorm and really solidify your intent with your product.

Check out the Freebies Vault! Inside are 4 key guides and step by step strategies you can use to aid in solving and learning more about having a success business. Bonus! They are key in avoiding these business mistakes mentioned in todays episode:

  • 90 Day Goals
  • Time Management to get back control of Productivity
  • Develop your Creative Sales Rhythm
  • Offer That Sells – going back to the drawing board to fine-tune things and recenter with the core of what you want to do

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About Crystal

Corporate America had me at hello for 10 years. And just when I thought I was where I was supposed to be, God changed the narrative and helped me find more time for my husband and two beautiful girls through my own photography business. Now, I live for all things styled photography and serving the business community exclusively through styled imagery and personal brand photography.

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What You Need to Know Before Starting a Business

What You Need to Know Before Starting a Business

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What You Need to Know Before Starting a Business

What You Need to Know Before Starting a Business

Starting a business requires a lot of patience and determination.


ou have to be willing to make some sacrifices in your life, change your mindset, and keep pushing through when the going gets tough. But before you hit the ground running, there are a few key things you should know before you start your business. 


Why? What? Who?

Why – The first and most crucial part of your business is knowing your “Why.” Why are you doing what you’re doing? What is the driving factor that pushes you to keep this business running? Your “why” gets you out of bed every morning, even when you’re at your lowest. Being a boss babe is a rollercoaster of a journey, but you need the drive and grit to push through when the obstacles appear.


What – What are your goals? What is it that you’re trying to accomplish? Set small milestones that will help you get where you want to go. Start by creating small goals that are within reach. Not only will this help you stay on track towards the bigger picture, but you will build your confidence as you go along. The more precise you are with your goals, the less likely you will become distracted with anything that steers you away from that.


Who – Lastly, who is it that you’re doing all of this for? Who is your ideal client? The one that you dream of working with or would benefit from your services or products. The more you know about them, the better you’ll provide them with exactly what they need. When you do that, they begin to trust you, and you ultimately start to build a loyal following who believes in you, your brand, and what you’re selling.

Prepare to Sacrifice

Within the first year of your business, prepare yourself to make sacrifices. Running a business takes a lot of time. The reality is that you’ll work more hours for yourself than you ever did at your corporate, full-time job. That’s entrepreneur life for you, but the reward is worth it when you see your hard work paying off. Personally, I had to trade nights out for nights of work.

The Money Doesn’t Come Right Away 

Starting a business doesn’t mean instant profit. It could take a year or longer to see a consistent and profitable income. This is usually because, within the first year, your expenses go towards building a solid foundation for your business. You’re paying for different startup costs, new equipment, software, tech, etc. You may even find yourself working for free to build a clientele that you can work with in the future. So, before you start a business – don’t quit your day job just yet. Set aside some money so that you can compensate for the days that your new business doesn’t bring any income. 


Running a business is hard and takes a lot of sacrifices. If you’re not 100% passionate about why you started and who you’re doing it for, it’s easy to get lost in the struggle of trying to build a successful company.


The thought of quitting will often cross your mind, but when it does – take a step back and reevaluate where you are in your business and if it’s in the direction you want to be going. Know that you will have to pivot along the way and adjust to the many challenges that come your way, but these are the things that will make you stronger. Take those lessons, learn from them, and grow.


If you’re seeking extra help and guidance along the way, check out my free resources here or you can join our membership – The Creative Boss Society. 

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