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3 Things to Have on Hand for Your Product Photos

3 Things to Have on Hand for Your Product Photos

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3 Things to Have on Hand for Your Product Photos

Doesn’t it make you feel better when you know you’re prepared for any possible outcome?


ot only does this make our lives easier in case unexpected problems come up but it saves us time trying to search for the things we need during the most precious moments in our business.


So, if you’re currently taking on the role of the photographer in your business, here are 3 things to have on hand for your product photos. These are the key things we find most important and likely always needed, even if you don’t know it.



This is a must for all things fabric. You can use a steamer for several different things including a backdrop, clothing products, pillows, basically anything that can wrinkle. Steamers are an essential tool that I have on hand at the studio. It’s also great for any models bringing in clothing that may need to be quickly prepped. A steamer takes up little storage space and can get the job done quicker than ironing would. You can check out the one I use here.


Sticky Tack


My second go-to at the studio is sticky tack. This is magical and the best thing to have for those round shaped jars, products, and props that tend to run off while we are shooting. It’s a quick, easy, and cheap solution to styling angles, fun layouts, or anything that appears impossible to achieve.


If you’re not sure what sticky tack is, it’s a piece of removable, sticky substance that you can attach on your products or props to help keep them in unique poses or on uneven surfaces. The trick is to use just enough to hold your product in place, but not too much where you catch it on camera. Here’s my favorite sticky tack to use!


Acrylic Cubes


Last and most important for flat lays – Acrylic Cubes! These are magical little pieces that add some extra depth to your flat lay photos. You can use them individually to lift props when styling shots or stack them on top of each other to add some extra height. Acrylic cubes are great for getting creative and prove best for displaying and raising products to the right level. With various sizes, you can easily hide certain parts of your image or use it to outright style your photos. This is the set I use in my studio.




You never know when you’ll need to add something a little extra to your shot, so having these 3 things nearby can truly help. If you have any questions or simply need ongoing monthly support, I’d love to connect. We can schedule a consultation call to identify the best options for you. You can also find me on Instagram!


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