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Product Photos – Studio lighting VS Natural light

Dec 15, 2020 | Content Creation, Podcast

Product Photos - Studio lighting VS Natural light

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This episode is not to debunk one source of lighting over the other but rather to talk about the difference in the two. My background is in natural lighting. Its the main source for all of my photography since I started my business. However, in the last year I have found many uses in studio professional lighting.

So to dive right on in… the true difference in studio lighting and natural lighting is control.


With studio lighting, the whites are whiter, in other words providing a crisp and more actual depiction of the colors. The shadows can be more direct and controlled in a professional setting. Though they can also appear a bit more harsh unless your light is balanced. The best part is getting to add or take away the lighting, shadows and drama in your images. Lastly, the clarity and focus is infinitely better and reflected in the end result.

So why might a photographer still choose natural light over professional lighting? The natural lighting provides a realness and softer appeal that the studio lighting lacks. There’s a better, intrinsic balance without shadow. As a photographer myself, I like the option of having the option to backlight my images and add an element of overexposure where needed. The natural lighting can also provide a warmer tone. I’ve also found in my work, that models’ skin tone, in natural light, to show more true because of that warmer tone from the sun.

The past few months I’ve really enjoyed mixing my lighting sources and options to fit each clients brand even better. So, tell me, are you a natural light kind of gal or is something more dramatic ideal for your brand?

Take a screenshot and share with me on Instagram as I dive in to more tips and behind the scenes of my product photography.

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