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New Background Trends & Product Photos with Stile and Co.

Mar 1, 2021 | Podcast

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Things mentioned in this podcast episode:


Bethany from Stile and Co. joins me on the podcast to chat about the importance of good backdrops when you are photographing products and food. Bethany and I chat about the current photo trends we are seeing and the most popular styles of the year. Bethany also shares an exciting new product she is launching that will be a game-changer for photographers!

Meet Bethany:

Bethany is the owner and creator behind Stile and Co. where she creates realistic and portable flatlay backdrops for food and product photographers. She began her career in commercial photography and quickly realized there was a market for backdrops that were lightweight but also detailed and realistic in photos. Since starting Stile and Co. in 2018, she has sold to all 50 states and several different countries. This year Stile and Co will be launching new Magnetic Backdrops to provide a rigid option for our customers.

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • Bethany talks about Stile + Co. She shares with us the passion behind starting her business and who she helps. 
  • How styling mats help product photographers and bloggers.
  • New photography trends in 2021
  • Leading trends for backdrops this year and a new product Stile + Co. is releasing (hint: magnetic backdrops)

Magnetic backdrops make using backdrops super easy. Head to Stile + Co. to check them out! Use code CRYSTAL20 for 20% off from March 1st – March 7th. If you are finding this after March 7th you can use code CRYSTAL10 for 10% off.

Connect with Bethany:

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