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Launching a New Product? Here’s 3 Types of Photos You Need!

Dec 22, 2020 | Business Ownership, Podcast

Launching a New Product? Here's 3 Types of Photos You Need!

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Launching a business is tough but taking your business from in-store to online with a small audience can be even tougher. Where do you start, how do you market but most importantly what images would you need to get going? On today’s episode I dove in to 3 types of images that you want to consider for your product if you’re planning to launch anything new here in 2021!



Here are the 3 types of photos your product business needs:

Catalog On White Background

This serves a double purpose: Not only do they create a clean look on your storefront, but they also are becoming a requirement for almost all wholesalers (even companies like Amazon). Depending on where you plan to aim your initial marketing efforts these images are key to starting your business.

Lifestyle with Models

These styles of photos have taken off this year. Having a model is a must have to take your business to new heights and to compete in what has become a HUGE market (thanks to Covid). Lifestyle Models provide the opportunity to reflect the diversity in your business. In addition to this, models allow for the chance to tie emotion to your ads that help your ICA connect to the transformation your product provides.

Texture & Ingredients

This is my FAV! Another amazing trend from the last 6 months has been detailing the product texture and product  ingredients. With more and more brands leaning on organic and natural ingredients they want to show it off too. Embellishing on the texture helps connect the “feeling” factor to the product; presenting the ingredients as things they can recognize establishes trust in the product.

Fight off the overwhelm with direction! A Creative Director, like myself, focuses on helping map out your photoshoot to achieve your desired images, brand recognition and most importantly impact on your ideal client. Ready to invest in product photography? Let’s chat! I offer, in fact, I insist on a free consult call to discuss your brand, what images you may need and design photoshoot options that works best for your business.

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