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Custom stock photography is a great investment for the business owner who wants that unique look or specific style that fits their product, business or online marketing efforts. As a contributing Photographer for the Ivory Mix Stock Shop I can help you blend your photography effortlessly with the amazing stock images in the shop.

We start with your marketing and how you’re using the images, we create ideas around your ideal client and style and marry it all together with a styled shoot that focuses specifically on what you need.

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are you ready to take it to the next level?

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Why Crystal Clear Creative Studios?

Kayla and Crystal have partnered together on many occasions. Crystal is a Contributing Photographer and helps support the Ivory Mix Stock Shop membership with images. To take it one step further they wanted to provide you with a custom option as well. This way you get the same amazing quality and consistency your images need from both the stock shop and your custom images!

What should my budget be?

A healthy budget for custom images should be around $300-400 per shoot.

Do I need to provide props?

Clients mail props all the time but it is not required. You can simply provide a prop budget and work with the Photographer and what props we have on hand already. 

What is the turn around for my images?

The general turn around is 5-10 business days depending on the photographers client load. 

What rights do I get with the images?

You are able to use your images for the promotion of your own business. That means you can use them on your website, social media, workbooks, courses and more. You can even slap a filter on it, add text, flip and crop it however you’d like. You are not, however, permitted to resell the images or give the images to anyone. 

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