4 Tips for Creating Video Content

4 Tips for Creating Video Content

Hey friend! Though most of us can easily create 30-60 second videos for social media, it’s important to look at what type of content is converting best and identify some of the best practices for creating video content. Today, let’s discuss 4 important tips for creating video content!

1. Short Form Video Performs Best

Even though we’re slowly moving toward the ability to create longer Reels (45-60 seconds), it’s the 15-30 second window that continues to work best. The reality is, we are consuming video content at an incredibly high rate. But, with the availability of video content across a variety of digital platforms and our short attention spans, shorter videos (15-30 seconds) continue to be the preferred form of video content. When creating your video content, it’s important to look at the content you are making and identify ways you can more quickly address the main points. Can you break down your main points? Can you create simple tips & tricks?

2. Create Something That Is Simple Enough To Be Sustainable

Many of us can bust out of the gate with a variety of cool ideas or creative concepts, but sometimes video can feel overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to establish a rhythm that feels sustainable. Maybe that means setting up your tripod and capturing behind-the-scenes footage, or creating some step-by-step content. It could also mean using stock video. Stock video is becoming incredibly popular across many platforms, like Canva where you can pop in, add a video, and create some fun movement that helps capture your audience’s attention.

3. Use In-App Audio Features

With the constant changes across social platforms, it’s incredibly important to download videos, with no audio, and then go into the app and use the in-app audio features. There are a lot of third party apps and places that you can go to, to get music. Using each platform’s in-app audio feature will help your video content perform better on each specific platform.

4. Establish A Plan

Put a plan in place so that you can easily sit down and batch as much video content as possible. Whether it’s choosing a specific day to capture various aspects of your process, or selecting specific stock video to use for sharing promotions, deals, or holiday specials, make sure you have an established plan.




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