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4 Things To Boost Your Product Sales

4 Things To Boost Your Product Sales

1. SEO

Many small business owners tend to overlook the power of SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO often involves utilizing keywords and terms that are best for the specific season, a specific industry, or best for your business, services, and the things you have to offer. SEO is a powerful tool that will help your ranking on search engines, like Google. For example, if you’re using a blog, or Pinterest to link back to products, using specific keywords can help your site rank higher. SEO is all about the long-term game. If you want people to continually be able to find your brand over a period of time, or you want to see a gradual momentum in your business, you need to look at your SEO efforts, keywords, and terms. 

2. Optimize Your Website

This is incredibly important because as business owners, we spend a great deal of time working to drive traffic on platforms, like Instagram, TikTok, etc. But, without a properly optimized website, you may fall short when it comes to your actual sales. Optimizing your site can include: checking plugins to ensure you’re running the most updated versions, checking your website speed, verifying that your photos, videos, and graphics are the correct size to allow for optimal website performance. If you’re looking to optimize your website you can check with your website developer, or work with your marketing team to optimize your site and make sure your customer journey is flowing, effortlessly.

3. Use Short Links For Tracking

How are you determining the success of your efforts? Bitly short links provide the ability to create short links that can be added to stories, or other social features that don’t allow you to add direct links. Short links provide your customers with another quick reference and a place for you to track clicks. Take advantage of short links, or setting up something like a, that you can have in your bio. These will give you a chance to discover what is working well for your business and where you can allocate more of your effort and time.

4. Plugin Pixels And Link All Accounts

This often gets overlooked in marketing. The ability to plugin pixels and link all of your accounts allows you the opportunity to track website traffic, determine which pages are working, identify what type of content is performing well, see where visitors are spending the majority of their time on your website, where visitors are jumping off pages quickly, etc. Setting up pixels for platforms, like Facebook, and plugging those into your website will allow you to look at numbers and more effectively, quantify your efforts. You can then make decisions regarding where to spend more time and money in your business, in order to reach your goals.




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