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4 Key Pieces to Content Strategy

I want to provide you with 4 key pieces to content strategy for your fall marketing. These are all tips, advice, and information that I practice and preach with the clients that I work with, and know these elements can benefit your business as well. 

What is your goal?

When it comes to goals, we all have a variety of ideas. While these ideas can be exciting, they won’t be beneficial unless we first establish a core goal. Your core goal will be the one that will optimize your growth this fall. To establish this goal, it helps to stop and consider the number of months you have in the season. For example, you may be looking at October, November, and December to implement new strategies and really kill it in your business. Fall is an exciting season that offers a number of opportunities for your business to experience higher sales. With the holiday season approaching, many people will begin their holiday shopping, and that means more opportunity for your business to gain exposure. 

You can set your goal in 2 different ways: 1) Choose a goal that will expand your reach (ex: increase ads, expand across platforms, etc.) 2) Decide what products you want to feature during the specific month or season (ex: specific fall scented products, seasonal items, etc.)

Once you’ve established your core goal, you will want to work backwards from there. Look at where you are getting the most visibility, where you are getting the most sales, or where you are getting the most interactions. You can then build out your strategy to focus on those key areas. You can determine how you want to market your products. Do you have videos, photos, individual items, etc. Getting really specific and breaking down each element based on the core goal you established will help you implement a successful strategy. 

Do you have the content and the images to support the marketing you want to do?

We all know that it takes 7 good touch points before someone will start to recognize or consider buying something. That means you need to go beyond that, in order for people to buy your products. We also know that social media is controlled, so we don’t always see everything that we want to see. That’s why it’s important to make sure you are sprinkling out your marketing in different ways and that you have the content to support it. For example, we are already in September, meaning you should already be scheduled and ready to do photos, videos, and all the content and graphics you will need for October. This allows you to stay ahead and focus on what you need to focus on, like running your day-today business in October. 

Repurpose – You may have graphics and visuals that are timeless and can be used to represent your products this fall. Go through and find content that you can repurpose.

Schedule – You will also want to sit down and be real with yourself. You may need to reach out to a photographer or marketing specialist to schedule a holiday photoshoot, or receive additional support with content development and creation. 

Video – You will want to make sure you have video to support your marketing strategy, this fall. Find a way to apply video because video is being prioritized across a number of social platforms. 

Are you adding video to increase exposure and conversions?

The additional reach that video provides, is a huge piece to being able to increase your sales. Because video is prioritized, you may be able to get a higher number of views and greater visibility by sharing videos. You will want to start by creating a fun, engaging video. Once you have created that video, you can redistribute it across social platforms. Different people will be active on different platforms, at different times, so sharing across platforms can also help expand your reach. 

Other things to consider with video: 1) Does a person always need to be in it? It may be beneficial to use product video, stop-motion, product demonstration, etc. 2) Set up a tripod. People love to watch high-action videos that show someone moving quickly through an action or demonstration. 3) Reach out to your photographer. Many luxury brands will use a professional photographer to ensure their visuals are style-conscious and high-quality. 

Implementation and layout of everything – the how, the when, and the where are you planning to post and share to gain exposure.

Once you’ve established your goal, gathered the content you need to support your marketing strategy, and established how you plan to stand out, you will need to create a plan for implementing your content strategy. Creating a schedule for sharing content, will help you develop consistency and stay engaged with your audience. You will also want to use different tools to share your content and create engagement with your audience. For example, use Reels or TikTok to share fun videos, use poll graphics to spark engagement, hop on an IGTV Live to talk to your audience about your products, etc. 

And, don’t forget to sell! Ultimately, you want to bring acknowledgment to your product brand and ensure you are making sales. Try using a 1-to-3 ratio, meaning 1 sales post and 2 interactive posts, as you ramp-up for your sale. As you get closer to your actual sales date, you can flip this to be 1 interactive post and 2 sales posts. 

By focusing on these 4 pieces, you can better equip yourself for the upcoming months. Plan now, so you can receive a better return on investment, later. 

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