4 Business Mistakes To Avoid for Quicker Growth

Dec 17, 2020 | Uncategorized

4 Business Mistakes To Avoid for Quicker Growth

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We all make mistakes, and (hopefully) learn from them. Sometimes these mistakes can be avoided if we take the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others! This is the reason it was so important to mastermind inside the Creative Boss Society. It gives you a moment to be vulnerable about potential mistakes, get feedback and insight on how we all run our business AND hear from other experts so we can recover quickly!


Here are four common mistakes to avoid in your business: 

  1. You’re doing “all the things,” but none of them well. As the old adage goes,”A Jack of All Trades is a Master of None.” Instead of spreading yourself thin, find your focal point.
  2. You’re not marketing enough times to get your audience to buy in and pay attention. Unfortunately, in this day and age, people tend to have shorter attention spans – but by making your product, and business, more visible in your marketing, you increase the opportunity to obtain their attention.
  3. Chasing the “next best thing” – in other words, trying to provide an additional service or build a membership instead of honing in and perfecting your current service and offer(s). Instead, take in customer and professional feedback, elaborate on your current offer(s) and find a way to make a better package. Don’t split time trying to create something else; focus first on your initial product.
  4. Becoming paralyzed and lost in your sense of direction. Lack of goals or clarity around your offer(s) and product can cause this.Take the time to brainstorm and really solidify your intent with your product.

Check out the Freebies Vault! Inside are 4 key guides and step by step strategies you can use to aid in solving and learning more about having a success business. Bonus! They are key in avoiding these business mistakes mentioned in todays episode:

  • 90 Day Goals
  • Time Management to get back control of Productivity
  • Develop your Creative Sales Rhythm
  • Offer That Sells – going back to the drawing board to fine-tune things and recenter with the core of what you want to do

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