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3 Components of a High-End Brand

Oct 6, 2020 | Uncategorized

Many small business owners that I work with really want to channel a high-end appeal.


hey want to put their best foot forward, and they are looking to do that through their visuals. Photography adds that high-end, tailor-made feel to your products if you do it right. So, here are three important components that you need to have for your high-end brands.

Quality and Luxury Appeal

First, you need quality and luxury appeal. That means having the best kind of props, the best kind of materials, the thought, and detail that go into every image. Instead of creating an image with ingredients that are brought together digitally, you invest in having a luxury appeal by using real fruits that you can cut up and put with your product. Sometimes the quality and luxury aren’t about the props, but rather the details that go into it. Think about the pieces that make your product unique.

Solid Differentiator

The second component is a solid differentiator. Think to yourself – what are the things that you are coming back to? Do you keep coming back to this minimalist, clean style? Do you keep coming back to that bohemian type vibe? Do you lean hard into blacks and whites and accent details? What are the things you find yourself leaning hard into, and that you love to see for your brand? What do you think your ideal customer is going to resonate with? You have a similar style and trend in the way that your brand is showing up.

Natural Products

I’ve also noticed many brands are leaning more into natural products or products made of real ingredients that you can get at a store. Take skincare products, for example. Many brands want to show that they use natural ingredients. So, what do they do? They style their product photos using fresh fruits to help bring their product’s story to life. You give your audience a better visual of what you bring to the table and make your product more appealing.


Once you decide your differentiator, choose what style and direction will fit you and your brand best. That specific “thing” that makes your product different from the rest needs to be in your detailed shots. It needs to be in the clothes that your model is wearing. It needs to be in everything. So that look, that feeling, that lifestyle translates 100% into everything that you’re doing. When you’re marketing and putting things out there, you are pulling in more and more of the ideal clients you want to have to buy your things.

If you want to reevaluate your offer or go back to some of the necessary steps because your company is brand new, then let’s talk. The Creative Boss Society is where I’m teaching other creatives how to use methods that I have applied in my brand and business to grow. I will help you get straight to the strategy that is working for you. Let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to help! You can also find me on Instagram. To continue your journey as a Creative Boss you can find Crystal at — or

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