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2 Reasons Your Products Need a Professional Photographer

Dec 1, 2020 | Content Creation, Podcast

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Not sure when the right time to hire a professional photographer for your products might be? Confused about why it might be time to outsource to a photographer? Today I am diving into this headfirst on the podcast. I am sharing my top two (& most important) reasons your products need a professional photographer. My first reason for hiring a professional photographer for your product photography is when you are ramping up sales and getting ready to market your products. Seems simple but it can often be overlooked by many growing businesses. You have the marketing strategy in place. You have perfected the product, the label and your branding. Maybe you even have a website and some images ready for that. But now you need to ACTUALLY market the product and drive intentional marketing dollars toward getting your ideal client from a cold lead to a buying customer.



In order to implement a good marketing strategy you need GOOD images to go along with it and often times you need A LOT of images so that you are able to try different tactics on different platforms. Investing in a professional photographer to asset in your market strategy by providing the images you get a professional touch and eye to help make the strategy be as successful as possible. A professional photographer can help you to bring out the emotion you are wanting your ideal customer to feel when they see or interact with your product online. 

Bonus tip: Your business is going to get busier as those market strategies start to convert therefore you are going to have less time on your hands to perfect the images you need to continue marketing at a high level. Let a photographer take that piece off of your hands allowing you to focus more on nurturing all of the new leads you have brought in. 

Hiring someone to help you with your marketing strategies and aesthetics allows you to have a proactive eye on your business instead of a reactive eye. 

The second reason is product photography for a product launch. Hiring someone to help you with the photography for a new products allows you to get the detailed and special images you need that will allow your new product to stand out and become the center piece of your business. This will help you to have the images you need to get your new product on your website, implemented into your marketing strategies, sent to influencers to help with promotion etc. Hiring someone to come in for a product launch, especially when you’ve had someone help you professionally previously, allows for you to blend your new product into your current products while also allowing the new product to stand out and draw in new customers. 

Speaking from experience, having someone on your team that is your go-to product photographer allows you to create a cohesive and smooth brand image across the board. Your photographer will be able to help you get the images, videos, and re-freshes you need with confidence. This is something that I specialize in – helping you coordinate the visuals you need for to create a successful marketing strategy to use on repeat. Head over to Instagram and shoot me a DM. I’d love to chat with you about all the ways a professional photographer can help you in your business.


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